a haunted house

Out lot has the haunted trait so every night a ghost appears. We get all kinds of them.



We got a playful childish ghost. He even took the toy with him when he left.



The playful childish ghost even took the time to chat with the kids.



We had a very tense visitor.



Sometimes the ghosts are happy and help out with the household chores.



We even had an angry Vivian Lewis try and calm herself down in our mirror.

We also had a sad ghost break the plumbing.


Quinn the trouble maker

AS Quinn gained his movement skill he began getting into trouble. He would play in the toilet.


water fun

He would play in the trash. This at least helped build his thinking skill.


fun in the garbage

One night he decided to share the love with a random kid. He followed him down the street and even almost got ran over by a passing car.


Quinn runs off

I’m ¬†glad social services didn’t take him away.

Quinn and twins

Shortly after Cathrine and Joaquin got married she gave birth to baby Quinn.





When she brought Quinn home Joaquin automatically fed him.


a good father

Soon Quinn became a toddler that was quite the charmer.


a little charmer

Cathrine took on the task of potty training and teaching Quinn some basic skills.



First the taught him from flashcards.

To build his imagination she read to him at bed time.


bed time

Quinn would get woke up by nightmares.

Soon Cathrine gave birth to twin girls Tiana and Leota.





She still had time to play dolls with Quinn.


a quick marriage

While playing my legacy Cathrine met Joaquin Le Chien. She decided he was the one and wasted no time in romancing him.


Marry Me

She quickly Proposed.



After Joaquin said yes they decided to elope. The wedding was interrupted twice due to the fact that Cathrine had to go to work. It eventually did happen.

Geneva’s wedding part 2 the event

For the wedding event Geneva chose the red and white wedding bar built by @madip53. There are some amazing builds by this simmer in the gallery. The first thing the guests did when they arrived at the venue was order drinks.

Then it was time for the couple to say I do. All the guests lined up to watch.

After that the couple cut the cake.

Then the guests sat down to chat.

Soon there was a line outside the ladies room. This gave Lizzie a chance to chat with Aisha.

Then the couple started doing some romantic interactions. Sugar was there to see it all.

Just before time to go Aisha decided to do a little dancing.

After arriving home Geneva decided to adopt Lawrence and Dawson.

Geneva’s wedding part 1 guests

After Geneva adopted Aisha she decided to marry Denzel. She started asking the simselves if they would like to attend. First there was Karen Wontwothree by @carewren123.

Then she invited the famous Sugar Maple Bough by @cathytea.

Then she invited Cathrine Henry by @simlady36.

Then she invited Sabreene by @sabreene while Karen took a nap.

And what would the wedding be like without @cathytea herself. She also invited Rory Gilmore by @rorygilmore.

Finally there was Lizzie Moonchild, Lyra Charming, Lorraine Tedford, and Tamara Padgett by @lizziemoonchild, @madamelee, @silverdaybreak, @friendsfan.


Almost a year ago my players computer was stolen. Since then she has replaced it but I had to start over on a new lot with no husband. The first thing I did was purchase a few items I needed to satisfy my basic needs.

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The next thing I did was visit with Jasmine Holiday. I heard she was having a growfruit challenge.

After I got the growfruit seed I went home to plant it.

Sadly I did not complete the challenge before my player took a long break from playing.
My player plans to help me find a husband soon.